So much is pressing in on humans today that no one has time to stand still long enough to evaluate it. They gulp life and taste nothing. They eat life and have no savor.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


A draftee on his way to training camp asked another draftee,"Do you happen to have a match?"

"Sure", was the second draftee's reply. "But I'm making sure not to give you any!"

"But why?" was the startled query form the first recruit.

"Well," said the second, " we'll get to talking, and if we get to talking. We'll wind up as buddies. And if we're buddies, we'll get into the same tent and the same squad; then we'll both volunteer with special missions. Maybe we'll even get a dangerous night job; then we'll have to use flash lights. And if the flashlights should happen to go out some dark night in enemy territory, I sure don't want to be stranded with someone who doesn't even carry matches!"

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